FAQ Section

The Tools just what they say they are. They are decision support tools that can assist you when analyzing the specific type of wager for which each Tool is designed. While they of course do not guarantee any particular outcome, we have found that the using the Tools has significantly improved our wagering.

Yes! The Tools were designed by theWhistlesGoWoo for his own personal use and he continues to use the Tools whenever placing the type of wager for which they are designed. In fact, Eat The Sharks was co-founded with a friend of theWhistlesGoWoo who has long begged theWhistlesGoWoo to make the Tools publicly available so he can use them too!

Well one reason is so that people will finally stop asking theWhistlesGoWoo for help with their bets! But seriously, theWhistlesGoWoo loves the entertainment that informed betting provides and wants to share the fun with the wagering community. Of course, it’s also a good way to monetize the Tools beyond just using them.

Nope! Each Tool is regularly updated as the theWhistlesGoWoo improves and refines the optimization, machine learning and AI that go into that particular Tool. Eat The Sharks is also planning to roll out more Tools in the future.

Yes! We would love to hear your ideas for new Tools or how we can improve the existing Tools. Please share your thoughts with us by filling out the form on our “Contact” page or by emailing us at support@eatthesharks.com.