Configure Your Entries

Select up to three entries. For each entry, adjust the win probabilities to your liking and lock teams in particular weeks if you want to pick them by switching the toggle on and off. Leave the selections un-locked if you want the optimizer to automatically make picks for you. Additional configurations are available on the next page.

Advanced Settings

Each of the advanced settings below allow you to configure the optimizer to your liking. Recommended settings from theWhistlesGoWoo are pre-set.

  • Minimum Probability: adjusts the threshold for considering a team in a given week. Ex: If set to 60, any team with less than a 60% chance of winning will not be considered (note: if you locked the team in the previous step, those picks will override this threshold).
  • Number of Weeks to Plan for: For large tournaments, you generally have to pick a team in each week, but if you are only playing against a few people, you only have to plan a few weeks in advance. theWhistlesGoWooo recommends you plan for 8 weeks into the future.
  • Focus on Early Weeks: The win probability estimates are more certain in the upcoming week then they are later in the season. Adjusting this slider adjusts the focus to games closer to today but still plans for the number of weeks selected above.
  • (Only for multi entry) Focus on Differentiating entries: You can adjust this slider to customize how much you want the optimizer to focus on making the selections by different entries different from week to week.
  • (Only for multi entry) Focus on Differentiating early Weeks: You can adjust this slide to customize how much focus the optimizer should stress differentiating your entries earlier versus later in the season.

Entry Results

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